Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BOO WHO By Rene Gutteridge

Wolfe "Boo" Boone was one of the worlds best selling authors and the only reason most people had ever heard of Skary Indiana. The town was going to have to find a new tourist attraction now that Wolfe had quit writing and took a job as a car salesman. Wolfe wants nothing more than a normal life with his soon to be wife Ainsley Parker.
The town of Skary is facing bankruptcy with the loss of the tourist business. The only "tourist" around lately seem to be the strange ghostlike wanderers who keep to themselves and shriek out for no apparent reason. The towns only other claim to fame is an enormous abundance of cats.(and not every one would call that a good thing!) besides since sheriff Parker got the notorious cat named Thief fixed the cat population should begin to slow down somewhat.
Wolfs dreams of quiet and normal are shattered when Alfred Shows up at the door with big plans to make Ainsley Parker into the next Martha Stewart.With stars in her eyes Ainsley agrees to follow in her idols footsteps. She agrees not only to reach for stardom but to cater her friend Melb's wedding just one week before her own!
Melb herself has a secret, She has purchased the "perfect" wedding dress! The only problem is it's four sizes to small and $550 over budget. Can she loose weight and wear her dress in time?
Just as Ainsley is about to put the Christmas dinner on the table Martin shows up with the mayor of Skary still in his pajamas. It seems the stress of the towns impending bankruptcy has led him to a nervous breakdown of some sort and their beloved mayor thinks its summertime!There are a lot more humorous and confusing situations the residents of Skary Indiana will have to figure out before this season passes, but with God all things are possible!

Monday, September 28, 2009

NO GOOD DEEDS By Laura Lippman

This novel begins when Crow Ransom (boyfriend to Tess Monaghan PI) brings a homeless boy named Lloyd home for the night. They met when Lloyd comes by with a tire iron offering to change Crow's punctured tire. Crow knows it's a scam to get money and refuses but offers the boy a meal instead.After they eat Crow realizes that Lloyd has no home and doesn't want to leave him out in the cold night. Crow convinces Lloyd to come home with him, just for the night to explain what happened to the car tire to Tess.
After dinner Tess is talking to Lloyd about some of her work and she realizes by the boys behavior that he knows something about a murdered US Attorney. What could a homeless boy have to do with a US Attorney?
Lloyd tries to rob them that night but just ends up wrecking Crow's car and disappearing.
Tess then decides she must find out what Lloyd knows about the murder and gets her friend to help her track Lloyd down and trap him. Faced with the prospect of Tess calling the cops , he tells her he was hired to use the murdered man's ATM card and given the pin number.
Tess tells this story to the paper and then the police begin pressuring her to reveal her source.
When Lloyd's friend ends up dead, Crow and Lloyd are on the run with crooked cops after them.


This is a futuristic novel in which the human race is in a war with beings called the fallers. To help the humans in the war effort a group of scientists are sent to study an artifact on a distant planet called World. The artifact is actually believed to be a moon by worlds inhabitants.
The people of world are a quaint race who worship the first flower and give gifts of flowers to one another as greetings and for many other occasions. They also have a strange mental connection to one another called shared reality where if there is any unshared belief it causes them great head pain. This phenomenon prevents disagreements and lawlessness as you would imagine.The scientist soon learn however that all people have different ideas about right and wrong.
The people of world believe the earthlings are there to trade but the scientist main goal is to get the artifact and not damage the evolutionary path of the worlders. What can you trade with a race of people who's most valuable thing is flowers especially for their moon?
I thought this was a very imaginative book and I really liked the world Nancy Kress created.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This book is a novel of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency which has been the inspiration for an HBO series.
It is a charming story of Mma Precious Ramotswe and her assistant Mma Makutsi, as they undertake the investigation of the Kalahari Swoopers. The Swoopers were formerly the number one football (known as soccer in America) team in Botswana. But for the last six months they have been on a loosing streak. The owner of the team, Mr. Molofololo suspects he has a traitor on the team and hires the No. 1 Ladies detective agency to find out who it is.
This will be a tall order for Mma Ramotswe. who has never so much as been to a soccer match. Can she use her gifts as a detective and woman's intuition to find the culprit?
Meanwhile Mma Makutsi has troubles of her own when a former rival , Violet Sephotho gets herself hired as assistant manager in Mma Makutsi's fiance's furniture store. Violet is deturmined to steal away Phuti Radphuti who is Mma Makutsi's husband to be! She will use any means to get what she wants.
Also , sadly Mma Ramotswe's beloved old faithful van is on its last legs but she has formed a bond with the comfort of it and finds it hard to part with.
I found this little book delightful to read and flew through it in a day.The Botswana characters were refreshing and I will read more of these! It points out how all around the world we ladies have the same basic loves and worries. I could really relate to the companionable nature of the women " we are sisters" 8\10

SIX SUSPECTS By Vikas Swarup

This is a 2009 release by Vikas Swarup who is the author of the book called Q & A, The inspiration for Slumdog Millionaire.
This new novel begins with the murder of Vivek "Vicky" Rai,who is the playboy son of the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He is murdered while throwing a party to celebrate his acquittal for the charge of murdering a bartender who refused to serve him a drink.
although the murder was committed in full view of many people, everyone refuses to testify and Vicky is freed. The book then backtracks through the lives of six murder suspects leading up to the time of the murder.
There is Mohan Kumar a corrupt bureaucrat who sees the murder of a famous medium during a seance after which he starts flipping between the personality of Mahatma Gandhi and his own.
He has no memory of one personality while he is in the other. He fluctuates from great acts of kindness into his former brutal nature at the slightest stress. (This part is rather humorous!)
The next suspect is the actress Shabnam Saxena who has a exact look alike no one knows about.
Suspect number three is the man Eketi, who is on a quest to get back his tribes sacred rock which has been stolen.
A thief called Munna Mobile who through the theft of a cell phone has intercepted the drop of a briefcase full of money. He is also in love with Vicky's sister.
The father of Vicky Rai is also a suspect because the police believe his political agenda has been cut short by his sons illegal behavior.
There is also on the list of suspects an American named Larry Page who has come to India to pick up his bride to be and gotten neck deep into trouble.
All six people were found at the party with guns in their possession and have various motives for being there.
I found this book to be very enlightening into India's political system. I felt however it was more difficult to read due to all the jumping around. I lost interest a few times. I enjoyed some characters stories far above the others. 6\10